Hasta La Vista Baby is designed for two players commanding a squad of special forces or terrorists. To help you understand how the game works, here is a brief overview. The full rulebook will be included with the final game. You can also watch the first look video below:

Game Board

Game board represents the area in which operations take place. Every character has their own base, there is a center field where clashes often occur and various other fields like respawn points or special event locations


Movement and combat

Movement and combat are extremely simple to learn. Every soldier class has their own range, which determines the minimum distance between soldiers and their target to throw the shooting dice (hit or miss). During each turn, a player can move twice. Once before shooting and second time after shooting.


Players move their soldiers (only 2 per turn) by throwing the movement dice (has numbers 6-13) and subtracting the soldier’s range. You can even stab somebody in the back if you move to the same field. Simple, right?



There are 5 different classes for each side:


  • Shotgun – Shotgunners have the lowest range, but are the most mobile soldiers in the game and are able to cross huge distances (Range 2, Movement 4-11)
  • SMG – Submachine gunners have a slightly longer range than shotgunners and are still fairly nimble (Range 3, Movement 3-10)
  • Rifle – Riflemen are the most versatile soldiers in the game with an average range and movement (Range 4, Movement 2-9)
  • Machine gun – Machine gunners are relatively slow, but have a large range. These traits make them fi t for defensive roles (Range 5, Movement 1-8)
  • Sniper – Snipers excel at long-range combat, but are very lacking in terms of movement, making them the slowest moving soldier in the game (Range 6, Movement 0-7)


All of the characters are actually 3D scanned airsoft wargamers, who were meticulously polished to provide an authentic look and feel.

Equipment, Perks and Events

Every soldier can also have equipment like grenades and weapon protection gear. By stepping on special event fields, players unlock additional perks or one-time events, which change the flow of the game.



Before playing, players pick a game mode (objective) and difficulty (length of the game).


Take control of a bomb located in the center of the area and blow up the enemy base. We recommend choosing this game mode if you are playing for the first time.


Search and Destroy

Fight your way into the enemy base and destroy it. “Search and Destroy” is very similar to “Sabotage”, except that each player has their own bomb which needs to be delivered to the enemy base


Capture the Flag

Infiltrate the enemy base, get hold of their flag and carry it to your friendly base. You already know how to play this one, right?



Occupy and hold strategic positions to dominate the battefield. Fight for domination of the game board by controlling strategic positions


Make your own

Think of the game as a playset. The rulebook provided with the game is only the basic ruleset. You can always create your own new game modes with the tools we gave you.